Passport is a travel document that is always needed when traveling abroad. Visa is a permit to enter a country. There are some countries that provide visa free for holders of Indonesian passports. Each participant is required to have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months at the time of the entire trip and the visa required for the countries visited. Multiple-entry visas are required by several countries for several types of tours. This will be informed by our sales staff at registration. For participants who are not holders of Indonesian passports, they are required to comply with applicable regulations in accordance with the provisions of the countries visited. Lila Travel & Tours and its agents are not responsible for negligence in fulfilling this regulation.


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Your travel documents such as passport, flight ticket, embarkation / disebarkation card will be prepared by the Tour Leader and distributed to all participants at the airport before departure. Other documents such as travel programs, a list of hotels that are used and a "travel guide" that contains information that is useful for the convenience of your trip, will be given when paying off the tour.


If there is a deviation from the group trip event, such as adding / reducing the time to stay in a place, changing / adding routes, etc. must be informed at the time of registration and the confirmation will follow the status of "availability" in effect at that time dependents of the participants concerned. It is not recommended to hold a deviation during the holidays (peak season).


For female participants who are pregnant (a maximum of 6 months) are required to have a doctor's certificate. We accept participants with certain bodily disabilities, as long as they are accompanied continuously during the trip by someone who is physically and mentally able to meet the needs of these participants without the help of the Tour Leader or local officials. Lila Travel & tours and its agents have the right to refuse to take the participant to a number of places due to their conditions, they do not allow them to take part in the program as stated in the itinerary. Decisions made regarding this matter have been approved at the time of registration and the person concerned cannot sue Lila Travel & tours and their agents to be responsible for each facility.


Tour participants are not permitted to bring prohibited goods to be brought into a country, such as: illegal drugs / narcotics, weapons / ammunition, certain types of animals / plants, excessive souvenirs which are considered merchandise and so on. Violations of the things mentioned above are the full responsibility of the tour participants.

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